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Accounts due but too much work to do? Losing track of your expenses? Not sure how payroll works? Every overwhelmed business owner reaches a point in which they need to make a decision. Do I continue to take care of the financial side of my business myself, or should I outsource my accounting to free my time and help me to do more of what I love?

Outsourcing your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and other controller services can help you to free your time which will allow you to take your business to new heights.

www.Accountingcosts.co.uk helps to connect businesses of all sizes to accounting professionals in their respective areas, allowing them to focus on the things they really love and work 'on' their business, not 'in their business.' Even if you're an established business with an in house team, we can help successful outsource your accounting functions. 

To get a quote from qualified accountants in your area, simply fill out the form below we'll help you on your first step to creating the business you dreamed of.

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Compare bookkeeper, accountant or payroll quotes

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Freelance accountant quotes

Freelancers produce quality work and often from reputable accountant firms - but they don't come with the huge price tag! We can help you find an independent advisor.


Established Accountant Quotes

If you're looking to work with a more stable, larger established firm, we can connect you with local or national partners.

Compare bookkeeper, accountant or payroll quotes

Start your outsourcing journey and speak to local accountants today.

What Accounting Services Can You Outsource?

Payroll quotes

Payroll Quotes

Keeping on top of the payroll can be a time-consuming process. Outsource your payroll and ensure your employees are paid on time and all tax affairs are handled.


Bookkeeping quotes

General bookkeeping involves creating profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and transaction reconciliation. Outsourcing bookkeeping can save a ton of time!


Cloud accountant quotes

There are many cloud accounting programmes that save businesses time, effort and cash, however, if you're not sure how to use it, it's often best to outsource the cloud accounting to a qualified bookkeeper.

About our Accountant Quotes

Hiring an accountant can be wrongly classified as a needless expense – but if you miss a filing deadline, calculate your self-assessment tax returns wrong, or make a material error on your payroll or VAT, it could become far more expensive than you imagine!

Experienced accountants can support businesses, owners, self-employed traders, and non-profit organisations with a vast range of services, from helping you finalise your year-end financial statements, preparing monthly payroll submissions or supporting your ongoing bookkeeping requirements to maintain up-to-date records.

Our service provides obligation-free accountant quotes from our network of approved local accountants, matching your requirements to a suitably qualified professional or accountancy practice in your area.

Comparing accountant quotes and rates is an excellent way to ensure you have the accountancy assistance you need – without paying over the odds!

Our Accountant Quote Service

Almost everybody will benefit from advice or practical support from an accountant at some point; a skilled professional can expedite tasks, provide clear recommendations, or ensure your mandatory filing obligations are kept under control.

We recognise that if you haven't outsourced any of your financial admin to an accountant before, it can be difficult to know whether the amount you have been quoted is unreasonable – and hourly or per-project rates vary considerably between practices and freelance accountants.

The service is simple, zero-cost and obligation free. You can request new quotes for tasks as they crop up, enquire to receive price estimates for ad hoc requirements, or submit several quotation requests to compare pricing for accountancy work of a different scope.

Simply tell us what you need and where you are, and we'll match you with verified accountants (via Bark) who cover your area or who can provide remote accountancy services.

You can retain your quotes, follow them up with your preferred accountants, or use them to compare pricing from other firms – there is no pressure to proceed!

Quotations for Outsourced Accountancy Work

The cost of accountancy work depends on the nature of the task or project you need an accountant to assist with. For example, you might need support with a transition from manual bookkeeping records to a cloud-based system, need monthly help with payroll processing, or want to hire an accountant once per year to create your year-end accounts.

We provide accountant quotations for a variety of accountancy-related tasks and projects, with a comprehensive range of services available for business owners and managers:

  • Setting up cloud-based accounting software and transferring your records onto a new digital system.
  • Training and support with new bookkeeping software and producing reports.
  • General bookkeeping, management accounts, reconciling bank statements and entering transactions and accounts payable or receivable information.
  • Running monthly payroll, producing payroll statements and payslips, and ensuring employee deductions are accurate and reported to HMRC.
  • Creating year-end financial statements for Companies House and corporation tax returns, including a trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet.
  • Helping review the accuracy of tax calculations and returns or assisting with an HMRC tax audit or investigation notice.
  • Ongoing business advice and auditing services, such as evaluating performance, comparing year-on-year profit, or assessing the quality of a business plan.

You can include as many or as few services as you would like an accountant to quote for or submit several enquiries to receive like-for-like quotations based on the financial admin you decide to outsource.

Factors That Affect Your Accountancy Quotes

The scope and nature of the work you need an accountant to quote for is the primary factor in your quotations and accountancy costs – however, there are several other considerations.

Freelance accountants tend to charge less than established accountancy firms and often work as qualified independents, providing services from a single office or potentially from home.

Accountancy firms are normally slightly more expensive but benefit from consulting a wider group of colleagues. For example, if you have a complex tax query or run a medium or large organisation, you might prefer to hire an accountant within a larger firm to access advice or guidance about specific problems or questions.

Remote accountancy is often an efficient option. Using a cloud-based online accounting system means you may manage your accountant costs by connecting with your accountant online rather than asking them to visit your business in person.

Many accountants use a cloud bookkeeping system such as Xero. They can log into your dashboard, produce reports, and reconcile accounts, trial balances and bank statements from a remote location which is time-efficient and cost-effective.

Some accountants will quote per hour, per project or per day, so it is also useful to decide how you would like to compare your price estimates.

Regular ongoing work, such as payroll processing, may work out less per hour if you commit to a longer-term working arrangement. In contrast, the price per hour will typically be slightly more for a one-off assignment.

Specialist accountants or those providing assistance with HMRC audits and investigations often charge a higher rate but might quote per day rather than per hour – if you need any specific areas of expertise, please include this on your quotation request!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, we run through a few commonly asked questions about hiring an accountant, outsourcing accountancy work, and how our quotation service works.

What Is the Average Cost to Hire a UK Accountant?

Accountancy fees vary, and we’ve explored some of the variables above such as experience, location, remote vs in-person and freelance vs accountants employed as part of a larger firm.

The average hourly rate is roughly £20 for basic bookkeeping and around £50 for accountancy, although highly experienced accountants can charge up to £150 per hour.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Accountant to File My Corporation Tax Return?

It is worth comparing at least three quotes because accountants usually charge a fixed rate for a company tax return based on your balance sheet asset value or turnover.

An average cost is around £250, but this might change depending on the size, trading style and complexity of your tax affairs. Urgent tax returns close to the filing deadline usually attract an extra fee to turn the work around quickly.

How Can I Find a Local Accountant?

Complete our no-obligation, cost-free quotation form, and we'll match your requirements with approved local accountants, ensuring you receive quotations to compare at your convenience and decide whether to proceed.