Bookkeeping Apps For Small Businesses’

How to find an accountant Looking to manage your small business accounts and bookkeeping on the go? Worried about the limited access to your financial activities when on the move? Fed up of mountains of paperwork at the end of the day? How about trying an app to help solve your problems. In the modern … Read more

How to find an accountant

How to find an accountant Having a good accountant can be very beneficial for a small business – but how do you find a good one!? They can help develop your business plan and handle your tax efficiently by filing annual tax returns and company reports on your behalf. They can help you keep your … Read more

How to find a Bookkeeper

How to find a bookkeeper Once you start a business, you’ll realise that you have to deal with a lot of numbers which can be daunting. A record of every transaction is kept including sales, expenses and salary payments, to name a few. Although you can do this yourself, a lot of business owners are … Read more

10 Steps to starting a business

10 Steps To Starting a Business Starting and growing a successful businesses is one of the smartest ways to grow your personal wealth Looking to start a business but not sure on the steps to take? have outlined 10 steps to starting a business. At the start of 2019 within the UK, there were … Read more

What should I outsource?

What business functions should you outsource? For many small business owners, we are emotionally invested in our business. You have seen the growth from inception and have worked in every area of your business. But one of the hardest missions is outsourcing the right tasks to the right people. Apart from helping the exponential growth, … Read more

What qualifications are needed to become a stock broker?

Stock brokers are professionals who are tasked with generating financial returns for their clients by buying and selling financial instruments. These could include stocks, shares, bonds and complex financial products, such as CFDs.  Stock brokers generally offer three main types of services. Some are “execution only” which means that all they do is enable you … Read more