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Does QuickBooks do payroll?

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Does QuickBooks do payroll?

The answer to that question is simple…. YES! In fact, one of the few accounting programmes that assists in automating payroll tax reporting is QuickBooks.

The payments and deductions made by your employees must be reported to HMRC on or before each payday as an employer. Additionally, if you want to manage your payroll on your own, you will need to figure out your tax and National Insurance obligations, as well as your National Insurance payment on each employee's wages. This method can save you a lot of money, but it can also be confusing and error-prone. So, because it saves time and effort for a small to medium cost, the majority of businesses choose QuickBooks (other cloud based accounting options are available) to do the task for them.

In this article we will explain how QuickBooks online payroll functions and what advantages it offers…

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What's the procedure for Quickbooks Payroll?

Standard Payroll and Advanced Payroll are the two versions of Quickbooks payroll online that can be added to your current subscription. The tool is designed specifically for SMEs to assist them in automating real-time submissions to HMRC from anywhere. Multiple pay schedules (weekly and monthly) can be configured in a single QuickBooks company account. The following processes can be automated for the greatest advantages:

  • Net salary, taxes, and national insurance calculations
  • RTI filings submission to HMRC
  • Information on contributions being sent to the appropriate pension provider
  • Creating and mailing the employee's payslips

Additionally, it finds mistakes and emails warnings so you can carefully review them before submission.

What is the price?

Your can find current pricing options for Quickbooks Online membership <<here>> and the following features are present in the standard version.

  • Your team's net compensation (including overtime and bonuses), taxes, and National Insurance are calculated using the pay, tax, and NI (National Insurance) formula. Additionally, it offers directors full NI support.
  • Payslips can be generated by software and emailed to your staff. You can also choose to print them.
  • Your real-time information (Employer Payment Summary and Full Payment Summary) is sent to HMRC via the HMRC submissions feature.
  • Workplace pensions: Manage workplace pensions and assess your workers for auto enrolment.
  • Journals: Your QuickBooks account will automatically produce and post journals for you.
  • Multiple pay schedules are supported for employees who are paid either weekly or monthly. Weekly/monthly pay schedules.
  • Pay your staff what they are entitled to whether they are on sick, maternity, or paternity leave with basic statutory pay.
  • Updates the tax codes for HMRC automatically each year, ensuring that you never fall behind.
  • Maintain records in a safe, secure manner that meets with data standards to be GDPR compliant.

The advanced version includes the following in addition to the same features:

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) reporting is covered by our advanced payroll package.
  • Integration of five different pension providers' instant updates and contributions. NEST, Aviva, Smart Pension, The People's Pension, and Now Pension all have direct integrations with Advanced Payroll that let you communicate information about your pension contributions and submit them immediately.
  • More pay schedules - Supports different pay plans for employees who are paid every two weeks, every four weeks, every three months, and every year.
  • All statutory payments - In addition, Advanced Payroll includes all varieties of statutory payments for adoption and shared parental leave.
  • Split journals: It's simple to divide your journals into various accounts according to the class, location, and pay type so that you can better understand your payroll costs.
  • Employee intranet - (Self-service portal for employees) Using the web and mobile app provided by QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll, have your team upload their own data for your approval. They can enter timesheets, accept or decline shifts, examine bank data, submit expenses, request leave, accept payslips, and view rotas using this tool.
  • Automatic pay runs: Complete pay processing quickly. Without the need for manual entry, QuickBooks Online Advance Payroll delivers automatic pay runs (including payslips, reports, and HMRC submissions).
  • Salary sacrifice and other deductions: QuickBooks Advanced Payroll supports salary sacrifice plans including childcare vouchers, company cars, and bike-to-work programmes. You can also follow court instructions with it.
  • Comprehensive reporting: QuickBooks Advanced Payroll offers 30 pre-built or custom payroll reports, making it simple to analyse your costs. To send and distribute them automatically, create batches.

What's the procedure for Quickbooks Payroll?

Standard Payroll and Advanced Payroll are the two versions of Quickbooks online payroll that can be added to your current subscription.

You must choose a plan, enable payroll in QuickBooks Online, and enter basic details about your business and employees. The following details about your staff are necessary:

  • Full name, birth date, and contact details. On their most recent P45 for new employees, you can locate their information. Ask your employee to complete the HMRC beginning checklist if they don't have a P45.
  • Obtain their most recent payslip if you are migrating from another payroll. You'll also need their P11 Working Deductions sheet or the specifics of their most recent FPS submission. For payments previously made to your employee for this tax year, you must include the Tax and NI details.

Different Pay schedules

Different payment schedules are supported by Quickbooks payroll online. If you wish to pay your staff at various intervals. You have the option of between a weekly or monthly pay schedule under the regular version. The advanced version offers quarterly, annual, fortnightly, and four-weekly basis. Prior to processing the payroll, you would need to set up the pay schedules.

Now you know the basics of QuickBooks for Payroll and you don’t currently use payroll software it is easy to sign up and get started. However if you are currently using an alternative payroll software product, it doesn;t mean you can’t change! It may not be advised, but switching payroll providers in the middle of the year is not difficult. To automatically import any previous data from the current tax year, you first need to determine whether the two suppliers are cross-compatible. Even if you have a tiny workforce, you should avoid manually entering all values because doing so raises the possibility of data input errors.


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