What is the best app for invoicing?

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What is the best app for invoicing?

So you run an agency? Or a freelancer? Or basically someone in a business area delivering services to high-end clients. When working and dealing with clients you may fulfill all the requirements such as delivering your services on a timely basis, final checks with the client ensuring everything’s been taken care of but amidst all this hustle you may tend to miss out on the one important thing and that’s invoicing. Yes invoicing, from clearing payments to sending invoices, to keeping track of the invoices sent out here we will consider the top 6 invoicing software that will help and make your entire billing a walk in the park.


Quickbooks is one of the best invoices that lets you file for taxes, Quickbooks and turbo box are intuited products so transferring of products is automated saving you long hours of data entry or manual calculations. It’s a hasslefree bookkeeping tool that lets you track tax payments and expenses.

By connecting it to your personal credit and other crediting accounts to achieve all accounts automatically.

Quickbooks calculate how much federal taxes you owe each quarter so your payment is never overpaid or underpaid. Combining your personal and business accounts gives you the ability to either swipe left or swipe right on mobile to attach expenses are either personal or business.

Invoice Simple

Invoice simple is a free online tool that helps gives you custom invoices by simply converting estimates and also making it possible to track finances. Some of the details include shipping details, due date, discounts, and more.

Some of the features that include are customizable invoices, mobile payments, online payments, payment processing, tax calculator, and so on.


So you’re starting out as a freelancer? Great!. Do you launch your own business? that’s even better but now you need an invoicing software that can basically take care of all your needs from sending receipts to keeping track of your payments and probably if your team gets bigger to handle payroll. Well Xero invoicing takes care of all such needs. The idea is pretty simple when using Xero you start out on a basic plan of 9 U.S Dollars per month and eventually upgrade to higher ones depending upon your business needs, as far as the requirement of additional features is concerned, Xero lets you integrate 700 plus apps - like, Stripe, Gusto, Shopify, and Paypal—through its app marketplace.
With Xero, you can monitor payments send invoices as they all appear on the Xeros dashboard and so on.

Xero lets you have five invoices and accord with almost up to 20 clients.

Wave apps

Wave apps are one of the most simple and effective invoicing software that’s out there that’s possibly one of the best options for freelancers and smaller businesses, and that’s not it!. It’s free.

Some of the features that are included in wave apps are payment reminders, recurring billing, and customizable invoices.

Another interesting feature about wave apps is that the invoices are directly combined with your financial tracking by integrating the wave accounting app for your business. It’s really hard to resist such when such a simple app is able to take out the complexity or ease your entire process of invoicing it’s definitely one of the options to be considered given that the entire process is managed by the features payment receipts and status updates.


This is one of the most professional invoicing software that is available, the best thing about FreshBooks is that it lets you customize the invoice in correspondence to the message you are trying to deliver to your clients along with relevance to the style and body of the invoice.

Late fees, automatic reminders, and the competence to accede deposits for tasks to be completed are some of the features that Freshbooks offer but they are not limited to discounts, recurring invoices, tax calculations, Invoice tracking that make Freshbooks a relevant choice for many businesses or freelancers. Additionally credit card payment can be added to the invoice giving it a definite sense of competence.

But considering the pricing a smaller number of clients such as let’s say 5 you pay an amount of 15 U.S Dollars per month and anywhere above that up till 50 would be 25 U.S Dollars per month.

Zoho Invoices

When it comes to invoices creation and customization play an important role, with Zoho you are not only able to design and deliver invoices but you have the ability to customize the most minute detail in your invoice.

The service comes with multiple payment gateways that include PayPal, Stripe, Google Checkout, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout. Zoho’s free account allows you to have one user and 5 customers. Upgrading your plan allows you to have more users, customers, clients, and team members. With regards to pricing you can get a single user and 50 customers for 7 U.S Dollars.

HR, email, marketing, and business process tools are some of Zoho’s alternate series of apps that can be amalgamated with Zoho Invoice.

If you’re someone who is always traveling then Zoho definitely is the software you should consider, the mobile version works wonders and gives you the ease to carry out tasks effectively from your phone.

So at the end of it to sum it up Invoicing is am an important part of the entire project life cycle so when you have such amazing software’s discussed above one shouldn’t let this turn into complexity or time-consuming attribute rather consider inculcating one of these tools and this should only smoothen off the entire process of billing.

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